The Story behind the Squashblossom Statement featured in Cowboys and Indians


Hey guys!


Know what I love? COWBOYS & INDIANS MAGAZINE when I opened the March issue there was my leather squash blossom gracing the glossy pages of perfection. I am so honored to have been featured for my art in a magazine that sets the tone in fine western fashion.  So thank you from the bottom of my heart Cowboys and Indians for featuring me. You can check them out here 

After my naja was shown in the magazine there has been a lot of hype so I wanted to tell you the story of my Squash blossoms and how they came to be!

Well it all starts with life goals ...  it is on my bucket list to have a dreamy vintage squash blossom however  I do not have thousands of dollars in my budget to drop on my squash blossom soul mate.

Luckily what I lack in funds I make up for with dreams, paint and leather; so I decided to make my own. I handcrafted a pendant from leather then experimented using burning stamping and various techniques to give the squash a hammered metal like affect. I chose turquoise stones to compliment the shape and sewed them on. 

I remember looking at the pendant and smiling- it was not perfect it was unique. The naja was interestingly beautiful, a twist on the squash blossoms I dreamed of. When one creates something they have never seen you just do not know how others will receive but I didn't care what others thought  I loved my necklace and started wearing it but never imagined anyone else would be interested. 

To my surprise others did like my necklace, girls began ordering them from the necklace I was wearing. 

Today my squash blossoms begin with a hand cut leather pendant then with some time at my work bench paired with fine leathers and fine turquoise  I transform them into one of a kind leather statements. 

In a world where fashion is fast and everyone is wearing the same thing I take pride in the fact that no two are exactly alike. Shop available necklaces here