Boot Transformation__Mother Daughter Bags

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Although I do not have a tiny human of my own I have observed they grow rather quickly, the fast growth rates cause a disposable wardrobe mindset.

What happens when an item isn't disposable and has sentiment? Such as a small pair of cowboy boots? Often times the little boots are strategically places somewhere around the house and left to collect dust.  OR you could turn them into a bag so you can carry the memories with you!

This boot transformation was a very fun project because I was given a pair of a little girls cowboy boots. The boots were purchased for a wedding of a cherished family member however, the little girl could no longer fit in them the next year. Disheartening to say the least.

Instead of leaving these boots to collect dust or reselling them, it was my job to cut them up, add some fringe and transform the wedding boots into new arm candy.

I crafted a bohemian clutch for mom, and a cross body with cowhide flap for the little girl. The purses feature the same boot in different ways, not too matchy-matchy and just enough fringe to shake!