Adulting | Besties >>>If you like it then you shoulda put a bracelet on it!

Adulting | For Besties

 “We get each other so we have these bestie bracelets to prove it. Now she is my best friend. Just mine… ok she is nice I guess I will share “

  Best friends at any age are something to be treasured. After a day spent with them you are centered, revived and ready to go Super Girl on the world. There are also friends that make you feel like you need a power nap and a cookie after just a quick soul sucking coffee date (you know the ones).

One thing that I have discovered while navigating my mid 20’s I value my posse more than ever however, life is busy  (marriages, babies, jobs) and miles separate us. So how does a girl navigate this adult world like a boss and show her bff some love too?! Well... I am still figuring it out but here are some of my top tips that I am working on implementing in my own life. If you have more tips I would love to hear them!

  1. SCHEDULE Phone Dates or Text

    you have to schedule each other in so your calendar doesn’t fill up without them there. Even if it is a weekly text to say “ I love you, how did xy and z go?, have you tasted? Hope you slay this week!” it means a lot!
  2. No grudges!

    You are their safe place don’t waste any precious time when you meet up to be bitter because she had to blow you off for her busy life. 
  3. Get Creative

    Don’t get me wrong coffee and wine are two things near and dear to this girls heart but can be hard on your budget and just get boring. Create new fun memories. Are they busy but want to hang, be there assistant and Batman and Robin their to do list, go for a walk, carve a pumpkin, tackle a craft together (friendship bracelet hint hint ), help someone else (charity, humaine society, ext.)
  4. Bust out the pen and paper

    One of my favorite things I receive from my long distance besties is an unexpected note in the mail. I don’t know what it is but seeing their handwriting in my mail box can make a bad day into the BEST DAY EVER.
  5. Get them a bestie a bracelet

    Now she is your best friend for life… just yours no one elses…. Ok she or he is nice so we can share. Growing up your ride and die bestie and yourself had a piece of jewelry to prove it,  or it didn't count. So, why do times need to change? A bracelet or jewelry is an easy way to be go through your busy day look down see the word “posse” “wolf pack” “tribe” “bff” and smile because you know adulting is tough but at least you have the best on your side.

So if you like it put a bracelet on it! Below are options to make, or buy some wrist candy for you and yours!