Christmas Bucket List

Something on my heart here it is:

When skimming Pinterest on "Things to do before December 25th" they included; play in the snow, drink a hot toddy, build a gingerbread house ... ext. I couldn't help but feeling the list was empty, as if a crucial element was missing. Helping others pushing past superficial nonsense and to be a show others love and compassion is my goal this season. Sure, gingerbread, lights and snow are great and I love a hot toddy as much as the next girl.... but the season can be much more meaningful, an impactful.

MY CHRISTMAS BUCKET LIST will include these three things....

`1. Do 25 Acts of kindness before December 25th

2. Write a one letter a night to those that I love and have impacted my life.

3. Write down one thing I am thankful for every night.

Casey BurnetteComment